I've called our district home since 2013. During that time, I've raised 4 children in the house their great-grandfather bought nearly 100 years ago. I've also run a successful nonprofit that benefits our families, and I have worked to raise the profile of the Westside. 

I look forward to being a strong and effective community voice for our unique and wonderful neighborhoods as your District 1 representative on the Salt Lake City Council. 




for District 1

Community Voice


My Values



Westside residents and working families should feel SAFE in all aspects of their life

  • SAFE to call the police knowing they have adequate resources and clear directives to respond quickly and appropriately to situations

  • SAFE to breathe the air and let our children play outside year round without impediment

  • SAFE to go about daily business, knowing a humane and effective strategy is being employed to address the issues around unsheltered people


Westside residents and working families should feel SECURE in the futures available to them here

  • SECURE in knowing that building projects will consider impacts in a holistic way that ensure positive outcomes

  • SECURE in knowing their children and grandchildren can live in the community they’ve grown up in if they choose to stay here as adults

  • SECURE in knowing that they can start their businesses in District 1 with robust support and resources


Westside residents and working families should feel CENTRAL to the decisions being made about their community

  • CENTRAL to housing and development plans that should reflect our family dynamics and socioeconomic realities

  • CENTRAL to the investment of resources in our homegrown solutions to westside issues

  • CENTRAL to the dialogues happening about their community, knowing our voices are heard and heeded




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